Backyard Benefits Encourages Active Play

Welcome to Backyard Benefits! Gather round for some fun and fabulous backyard activity ideas offered up by Bismarck, North Dakota native, Paige Mauch. The team here at Backyard Benefits is positively addicted to the great outdoors.

We especially feel that the backyard is an underutilized goldmine of opportunity right outside our back doors. Backyards are great for everything from the most leisurely, lazy days to full-on sports action, and we intend to give you heaps of great ideas for how to get the most out of your backyard.

Leisure Time

Backyards, whether or not they’re enhanced by a back deck or patio, are an ideal spot for leisure. On those sweet spring mornings, warm summer evenings or crisp autumn nights, there’s little that offers more leisurely relaxation than lounging in a beautifully kept backyard. Soak up some sun, admire the stars, or simply enjoy a nice cup of joe as the early morning dew settles on the grass. Sounds nice, doesn’t it?

Family BBQ

Ah, who doesn’t love the smell of barbecue on a bright summer day? Backyards are perfect for that. Parents can fire up the barbecue and enjoy cocktails and conversation while the kids are at play. Speaking of which, what kid doesn’t dream of playing in an awesome backyard?

DIY Playtime

If you have kids, or if you’re a kid at heart, the backyard is true heart of your home. If you’re lacking ideas for creative play ideas, think about all of the things you could do yourself with a few cheap supplies and inspiration. How about a backyard relay race? Heck, you could accomplish this with some twine to mark off a course and colorfully decorated sticks for the relay batons! Too mild for you? Kick it up a few notches with a full-blown backyard obstacle course. You could make this as simple or as complex as you desire and should consider including your backyard amenities in the course!

Awesome Amenities

Some of the more fortunate among us enhance our backyards with awesome amenities like swimming pools, swing sets and trampolines. Talk about upping your backyard play game! Swimming pools, swings and trampolines open up a whole new world of activity options: pool parties, relay races, gymnastic exercise, rebounding workouts, etc.


So you see, the only real limit to backyard activities is your imagination. And we’re here to help you with that! But we don’t have all of the ideas. I bet you have some that we haven’t thought of. If that’s the case, I’d love it if you would give us a holler with ideas that have been a hit in your neighborhood. In the meantime, stay tuned here for backyard ideas aplenty!