Trampolines: The Rock Stars of Backyards

Picture this: your kids are getting situated at a new school. More than anything, they want to fit in, get along with their peers and make a few friends. Before you know it, they’ve each made a couple of friends and want to invite them over. These kids will enter your realm, and it is within your power to make or break these budding friendships!

What would an afternoon at your house look like? Are the kids bored? Digging through last year’s Ranger Rick magazines and quickly growing disinterested and restless because they’ve read them before? Or are they active and at play? If you have a trampoline in your backyard, I can assure you that those kids are active and at play.

Trampoline Fun

When your kids are at play on a trampoline, they are also accidentally exercising. They’re having so much fun that they don’t even realize they’re getting fit in the process. This is going to score double points for you, new neighborhood mom. You know why? Not only are your kids quickly solidifying their budding friendships, but you’ll garner the appreciation of fellow parents who want to raise active, healthy kids. So while the boys are out there attempting to outdo each other with the latest trampoline tricks they’ve picked up, their muscles and bones are growing steadily stronger.

Trampoline Sports and Fitness

Trampolines can also be employed for direct fitness activities. Trampoline fitness is quite popular these days, with exercise benefits of trampolines being espoused by even the most ardent fitness gurus. Just take a look at this Sophia World Championships competitor:

Specialty trampolines and trampoline safety gear can ensure that trampoline athletes are using proper form and technique to get the most out of their workouts.

Trampolines as Part of Other Activities

Trampolines don’t have to be stand-alone activity centers. You can also use a trampoline as part of a relay race or obstacle course. How cool would that be? You could bolt out of the back door, into the backyard, leap over a hobbyhorse, wade through an above-ground pool, roll under a limbo bar, hurdle a massive mud puddle, hop onto the trampoline for a somersault, and leap off for the rest of the course!

Trampoline Safety

Regardless of how you use your trampolines, you should always practice trampoline safety and etiquette. Use of proper equipment, such as spring pads trampoline nets, can prevent falls and injuries sustained from falls.

Your Turn

Above are some of the many ways in which a trampoline can enhance your backyard, being the rock star that it is. If you’d like to share your trampoline tips and tricks, holler at me!